Fabrication Solutions

Fabrication excites the team at Hoover Design and Manufacturing.  We enjoy working with clients to develop a unique solution for the challenges they face with their project.  Our team is fully prepared to assist in the development of your concept to reaching a fabrication solution.

Applying know-how, innovation and quality, Hoover assures state-of-the-art solutions which   boosts your employee output, improve product performance and support your company's reputation for top quality products.  These values extend as part of our dedication to your project's successful completion and to the overall success of your company. 

Our fabrication capabilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Dies and Presses:  Ensuring accuracy and ease of production our dies are designed and detailed with CAD (computer aided drafting).  We create hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical dies to be used on aluminum, PVC or composites.  Our dies are expertly designed and built of high quality tool steel on stress relieved die sets for accurate cuts and long die life.
  • End Milling:  With users and efficiency in mind, our machines are designed with PLC control, high-quality components, energy efficient motors and the ability for quick change tooling.  Our Standard, Heavy Duty and Dual Head machines possess quick change tooling capability, which allows one machine to do multiple fabrication operations after a simple tooling interchange.
  • Drilling:  Created for your project and specific needs, a custom drill machine will save you time and labor costs.  Powered by electric or air, we produce custom , multi-spindle , and multi-head drill machines.  Be it a design specific drill or an adjustable automatic drilling machine, we produce quality machines as a foundation for your project's success.
  • Corner Crimping:  Hydraulic crimping machines that provide quick and accurate corner crimping with easy set-up and product change over. Our machines are designed for simple tooling change out with no adjustments required for product to product change.
  • Sawing:  Complex shapes and or fabrications that can not simply be milled or punched are sometimes sawed. We apply sawing and notching to reduce fabrication operations or to eliminate distoration of the material that might be cause by other fabrication methods.  
  • Custom Machine Design:  Through  combination of  fabrication operations -- sawing, punching, milling, drilling -- and production line applications -- auto-loading or stacking -- we produce a machine to handle your custom production needs.